Accessories To Have In Your Car

Accessories to have in your Car.

Now everyone does a lot of commuting by car there is a lot of stuff that you might need while traveling. Here is the list of few car accessories that you must have in your car as it will help in increasing comfortability and utility while you travel.

Phone Holder

Phone holder and Car Phone Charger
You must put a phone charger preferable multi-socket or multi cord and phone holder to hold your phone to help you use your maps while traveling.

Sticky mats
Sticky mats help you to organize your essentials that are on your dashboard from going here and there and sticking it to one place while driving.

First Aid Kit
Your kit must contain all necessary medicines that generally come to use including antiseptics solution and band-aids.

Garbage Box
Have a garbage box in your car that generally takes not much of your space and helps you to keep clean your surroundings and car clean.

Back Seat Organiser

Car Organizing kit.
Organizing kit generally hooks up at the back of driver or co-driver seat and helps you keep your napkins, phones and other such stuff.

Coin Maker

Use Small Containers For keeping the change.
Keeping change in such containers help you to move faster from tolls and parking where it would be easy for you to pay and quick to move.

Privacy Shades

Privacy Shades
It helps you to drive more easily especially on a hot summer day as it helps to keep your car cool and also keep an unwanted person to keep out of your car.


Checkouts for all necessary tools in your kit including your wrench, Tyre infiltrator, puncture kit and Jack. Also If planning a long road trip, it’s good to be on the safer side and keep some engine oil fuel and coolant with you Also do have numbers of roadside assistance so as to help in poor conditions

Arm Rest

Arm Rest
Armrest helps driver and co-passenger to keep there hand at an easy position and the armrest costs a few bucks and gives you more space to keep your essential.

Food Tray
Food tray helps other people to enjoy food while traveling without messing up in your car and also solving your problem of carrying food until you consume.

Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit
Do have a cleaning kit with you that must include a towel, wax, liquid and a car air freshener. You can also have a vacuum cleaner in your car to keep your car dust free.

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