Author: Love Malik

Process for Cleaning your Car Fabric Seats

Process of Cleaning Car fabric seats

One thing I can guarantee is that if you have Fabric seats in your car, they’re going to get dirty with time, and removing dirt from fabric seats is not a difficult task, All you need is some time and proper knowledge on how to clean the fabric seats. I […]

Hill-Start Assist Function

Hill Start Assist Function

A hill-start assist function, as an integral part of their active safety systems along with ABS, Electronic Brake Distribution, Brake Assist, traction control, and Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control. The hill-start assist function helps prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when starting off on an incline. For example, when a driver […]

5 Reasons To Consider A SUV

Top 5 Reasons to Consider an SUV.

People today are busier than ever, with more places to go and things to do. If you need a little more utility out of your next vehicle, here are the top five reasons to consider an SUV. More Comfort If you like to see the road ahead, you might appreciate […]