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We Indians love cars. Be it games, movies or real life, cars have always been
an integral part of us Indians. Our craze for cars has been growing worldwide. This is evident from the fact that manufacturers from all over the world want to enter and sustain in the Indian market, which, let’s admit, is not very easy.

However, despite all this, be it South’s Korea’s Kia or the British MG, every company has been trying their luck at alluring the Indian clients.
And why not? India’s economy is expanding a lot. Year after year, the
numbers are just amazing. With the increasing incomes of people of this nation, companies are trying to introduce the globally renowned premium cars in India.

This is evident from the fact that Volkswagen, who has not introduced
the latest gen polo in India has brought their brand new offering the T-Roc to India. Well, there is a new company, all set to establish themselves here. It is none other than the French company Citroën, a part of the PSA group, who is all set to offer their new car to India. It has been a long time when Citroën announced their entry. Since then they have had a bit of bumpy ride. First of all, there is one small invisible virus that has affected everyone’s life. So much so, that Citroën had to postpone their launch of their new SUV to early 2021.

The plan was set, and the vehicle was supposed to go on sale in September this year. But due to Covid-19, the plan, as already mentioned, has been postponed to 2021. However, Citroën has already set up their manufacturing plant in Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu, and has already rolled out a couple of trial production units. The C5 Aircross is going to be their first offering in India. It is rumoured to be priced at upwards of 20 Lakhs and is supposed to offer cutting edge features.

Being a part of the nick-to-nick competing, premium luxury compact SUV market might seem promising but is also highly volatile at the same
time. Thus, Citroën is planning to launch the car with all the latest features
such as front and rear parking sensors, a massive panoramic sunroof, and a
12-inch infotainment system.

The premium pricing might or might not work in Citroën’s favour, but there is a high enough chance, that if they launch a beautiful car, with all the features and power as in the French-spec model, Citroën might actually succeed. Hoping for the best, none of us can exactly predict how the future will take shape for this French giant, but it definitely looks exciting!

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