Hill-Start Assist Function

Hill Start Assist Function

A hill-start assist function, as an integral part of their active safety systems along with ABS, Electronic Brake Distribution, Brake Assist, traction control, and Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control. The hill-start assist function helps prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when starting off on an incline.

For example, when a driver tries to drive forward from a stop on an incline without hill start assist control, the vehicle may start to roll backwards while the driver’s foot moves from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.

This may result in a hurried pedal transition, making it challenging to drive away smoothly.

To prevent that occurrence,

Hill-start assists temporarily apply the brakes to all four wheels, preventing the vehicle from rolling backward. The driver can then pull away in a smooth and relaxed manner.

In some models, operation of the system is automatic. It requires no action by the driver and provides no indication, either by an indicator lamp or a sound, that it is operating. It simply does the job.

Driver needs to initiate the operation of hill start assist control function

When to activate hill assist function:

  • On an incline, position vehicle must be stopped.
  • The shift lever is in a position other than “P” or “N.”
  • The parking brake is not applied.
  • The accelerator pedal is not depressed.

It should be noted that, unlike the parking brake, which is a separate braking system, hill start assist control is not intended to hold the vehicle stationary for an extended period of time and should not be used for that purpose.

Also, hill-start assist control is a supplementary driver assistance system. It is not a substitute for good driving practices.

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