How to use your Paddle Shifters?

Engaging Auto Stick allows you to use your paddle shifters locate Auto Stick on your gearshift you can tell where it is because of the plus and minus on it some vehicles with a column shifter also have auto stick noted with a plus or minus on the column lever it’s used in the same way.

As a console shifter except with a button press instead of a lever movement shift your transmission into auto stick mode press on the brake first then shift to drive then slide the shifter into auto stick some vehicles.

When you to activate auto stick by pressing any one of your paddle shifters remember treat every movement while in Auto stick with the same care as when your car is in Drive when you’re done using Auto stick you can simply pull the shifter back into the drive location.

The transmission will operate as a full automatic again up shifting using your paddle shifters once you’ve activated Auto stick shifting up through the gears is an easy motion here’s how to do it first if you’re starting from a stop your auto stick will start out.

In first gear you’ll be able to tell on your instrument cluster where you normally see a d4 Drive you’ll see a one indicating first gear of auto stick mode accelerate away from a stop you’ll notice the engine revs up higher than normal as you accelerate.

While it waits for your input to shift you get around 2500 to 3000 tap the shift lever toward the plus icon this tells the transmission to shift to the next highest gear if you want to drive more aggressively.

You can Rev your engine higher before shifting to the next gear don’t rev your engine up to the redline for a severe engine damage can result shift up through the rest of the gears in the same fashion you can shift at lower rpms.

Once you’re in the higher gears some vehicles with Auto stick have four six eight or even ten gears if you don’t know how many gears you have you can find out by tapping the shifter towards the plus several times.

While you’re driving at highway speed when the number doesn’t go any higher that’s how many gears you have many manufacturers use some variation of Auto stick in their vehicles

The transmission will automatically shift up if you wait too long to tap the shifter when you’re at the redline it’s a safeguard for some vehicles to have but not all of them don’t rely on this feature to prevent engine damage on your vehicle.

Downshift in using your paddle shifters when you’re using your paddle shifters you’ll eventually need to slow down here’s how to use your paddle shifters.

While you’re decelerating with your paddle shifters engaged begin decelerating the process is the same whether you apply a break or Coast at a lower speed as your speed drops so do rpms when your rpms drop to the thousand or 1500 range tap the shifter to the – position the engine speed will increase.

Some vehicles you might fill a slight bump as a transmission shifts now you’re in a lower gear most paddle shifter transmissions will only shift to a lower gear when it’s safe for the transmission to do.

So it will also prevent downshifts that spike the rpms to a dangerous zone downshifting for towing or decreasing engine stress auto stick is commonly used when driving through mountains and valleys to decrease the strain on the transmission.

and the engine lower gears are engaged for engine braking on steep descents and for more torque and less engine strain on steep ascents when you use your auto stick your transmission is not operating at its peak efficiency your best fuel economy and overall power occurs when you have your transmission strictly in drive gear Auto stick has its place though providing a sporty and fun driving experience.

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