Process for Cleaning your Car Fabric Seats

Process of Cleaning Car fabric seats

One thing I can guarantee is that if you have Fabric seats in your car, they’re going to get dirty with time, and removing dirt from fabric seats is not a difficult task,

All you need is some time and proper knowledge on how to clean the fabric seats. I have created some steps by which you can easily start cleaning your car fabric seats, here are the items you’ll need for this task to start off

Step 1

Make sure the fabric is free and clear of loose debris by vacuuming first open the seams of the seat bottom with your fingers and slide the vacuum nozzle into the crease to remove hidden dirt before using cleaning liquids lightly spray the area with a specific fabric and cloth cleaning solution.

Step 2

A most common mistake is to use an all-purpose cleaner in these situations the trick to cleaning seats.

Carpet is to avoid allowing the fabric cleaning liquid to saturate or over soak the area being cleaned.

Step 3

Our goal is to clean the top layer of fabric but leave the underlying cushion as dry as possible to avoid future mold or potential smells down the road so work one small area at a time.

After applying 4 or 5 sprays of fabric cleaner to see immediately massage the area with a soft or medium-stiff interior brush

Step 4

This will agitate the dirt to the surface but will not hurt the integrity of the fibers themselves avoid using stiff-bristled carpet brushes. They tend to damage the fibers and cause the cloth to fray as the suds encapsulate the dirt that was pulled up by the brush.

Step 5

You must immediately scoop up the dirty muds with a clean microfiber towel before it dries and re-attaches, to the fabric repeat this process into the seat has released all the dirt if a stain persists an interior scrub pad can be used for extra power


But be careful not to push too hard and damage the fiber’s light to medium strokes should be enough to loosen, even the most stubborn of stains once the dirt is removed in the color has been restored quickly vacuum the area.

Once again to remove any areas of heavy saturation and to pull the fibers up to help wick any remaining moisture away from the fabric be sure to give your seat some time to dry before you go for a ride as no one likes a wet.

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