Top 5 Considerations – Extended Car Warranties

Top 5 Considerations Extended Car Warranties

To protect yourself from future repairs, you’re thinking about an extended car warranty. Here are the top 5 things to think about first before buying Extended Car Warranties

1. How long will you keep the car?

If it’s only a short time, say two years or less, chances are you probably won’t need the protection of an extended warranty to cover a major repair. But if it’s longer than that, follow the second tip.

2. What’s the historical reliability of the brand?

There is plenty of data to be found – check out reliability ratings. Some brands tend to be better built for the long haul.

3. What are you really buying?

Bumper to Bumper coverage? Targeted Protection like power trains or electrical?

No matter the type of warranty you choose be sure to read the fine print to discover what the policy actually covers and be sure to watch for third party scams.

4. What does an extended car warranty cost?

Shocking, but true, there are folks out there, that just want to take your money. But don’t buy under pressure; remember to shop around, and be sure to negotiate for the best price.

5. Save or Spend?

Consider setting the money aside to cover potential future repairs that you would otherwise pay for with a warranty.

That’s right, if you’re a disciplined saver, and can sock away money every month to cover the worst repairs. There’s a lot to consider when contemplating the purchase of an extended car warranties. Put a little work into it and you will make the right choice for you and your vehicle.

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