Why Indian’s Prefer Base Variant Car’s

Why Indian’s Prefer Base Variant Car’s.

After selecting a car that a buyer wants to buy, the major question arises that for which variant he/she should opt for.

This stage is a bit confusing as manufacturers demand more money than of a base variant to give more accessories, features & luxuries to the car owner.


Price variation between variants such as base, mid, and top relatively high respectively with respect to features, accessories offered by the car manufacture.


More the higher variant more the features it provides, more Features are equipped with the next higher variants like more airbags, infotainment system, leather upholstery, etc.

Re-sale value

The resale value of the base variant to the top variant is a bit lesser as compared to the top variant. As features and accessories equipped in the top variant are more.

Aftermarket accessories

Most of the people opt for the base variant, and customize the car accordingly to their preferences and demand for the features that they consist of, this also saves some money accordingly to them.

Not opt for Luxuries

People who don’t want premium luxuries like a sunroof, cruise control, paddle shifter, keyless entry, etc prefer to opt for base or mid variant.

Dimensions and engine

Most of the vehicle have similar engine options beat be any base, mid, or top variant along with no such major change in the dimension of the vehicle


These are some of the factors upon which Indian consumers prefer to buy the base or mid variant of the car rather than buy the top variant. It saves money and there needs of satisfaction with features, comfort convivence.

Also as in the aftermarket, most of the top variant accessories are available at fraction of cost People go for them to save money.

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