Why Someone Should Consider City Over SUVs

City Vs SUVs

In my today’s blog, I have compared new-generation Honda City with Tata Harrier, Hyundai Creta, and Kia Seltos. As we all know that two of these SUVs are not only bestselling SUV’s in India now but are also best selling cars. Now I know most of my audience will also think that I am comparing Apples with oranges which is true but that’s my point here that I want to make. So let’s start why someone should consider Honda City 2020 over SUVs

Being SUVs in fashion there is a huge incline of customers are towards these SUV’s and somewhere due to this Sedan segment is getting ignored despite of having beautiful machines in the market. Also, the blog I am writing today is all about why should you consider a sedan over Compact SUV and to start with initially I will give you a brief intro about these cars.

OverviewCity ZXCreta SXSeltos HTXHarrier XM
Price17.3 Lakhs17.1 Lakhs16.97 Lakhs18.12 Lakhs
Power103 bhp113 bhp113 bhp167 bhp
Boot (litres)506433433425
Fuel Economy24.121.420.817
City Vs SUVs

Here is some point that I have mentioned for a generic detail for these cars. Apart from this an entertainment system along with utilities always comes in these cars. These are top variants where there is sunroof in these segment except for Tata Harrier where sunroof is in top most model and that too comes on special variant request. Also features line lane assist and navigation along with entertainment features are offered by every vehicle in today’s car.

So Why Should you consider City over Compact SUV’s

Honda City 2020

City Usage

SUV’s are in fashion as the customer or end buyer wants a practical car for all terrains and can enjoy their own vehicle with go anywhere capability, but my question here arises is do an end buyer do they really take their vehicles off road as the major buyer comes from tier one cities most of the buyers didn’t even face harsh roads and even if they do they aren’t much

Fuel Economy

Considering practicality my all points arises from here only. City is better in fuel economy which is a major concern for anyone who is driving as no one wants to get to the fuel station again and again for fuel top-ups.

Boot Space

Being City a sedan it offer the maximum boot space with one touch and making it more practical to transport and travel for someone who do a lot of travelling

Driving Factor

City is nice to drive and just to say it has a Honda logo on its nose not only this City can also be used as a chuffer driven car and also by someone who owns it.


Making these points suggest that someone who is planning to go for their next purchase must consider City as their next purchase. The main point here I want to make is Tier one person are major buyer’s for this price segment and choosing a car which they can drive major of the time and even practical for taking it to mountains can be done its just not the heavy off-road which I think most of the owner of these SUVs will not take their vehicle as well.

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